5 Dehumanizing Myths About Fat Guys and Dating That People Can’t Excuse

5 Dehumanizing Myths About Fat Guys and Dating That People Can’t Excuse

5 Dehumanizing Myths About Fat Guys and Dating That People Can’t Excuse

A game show where two families compete for a cash prize by trying to find the most popular answers to a variety of questions about a month ago, one of my sisters tagged me in a video she recorded of Family Feud. A girl might opt to be with a chubby or fat guy. regarding the episode she recorded, host and comedian Steve Harvey asks the participants to resolve an extremely loaded statement: “Name reasons”

The contestants’ answers end up supplying a humorous round in the minds for the participants, Steve Harvey, and presumably the viewers.

But my sister didn’t share this movie on her behalf Facebook web page to garner laughs from her family and friends. It absolutely was just the opposite: my cousin ended up being furious in the round’s subject additionally the answers given. My sibling penned:

“This actually bothers me personally! For this reason individuals think you should be skinny/fit become gorgeous, to be desired, to be liked, and also to deserve anything…this is never OK!”

My sister tagged me on this page once you understand my history in fat studies and sex studies (so that as a fat person that is masculine, once you understand i might concur together with her frustrations.

Image description: A screenshot for the Family Feud game board using the six most widely used responses: “Fatty got cash” (34 away from 100 individuals surveyed), “She’s fat/digs food” (23/100), “She’ll look better” (12/100), “She’s in love” (9/100), “He’s warm/cuddly” (6/100), and “He won’t cheat” (4/100). The thing this round that is particular of Feud does correctly is summarize a number of the unfortunate fables our society perpetuates about fat individuals — specifically, fat guys — and relationships.

Nonetheless, calling down fatphobic urban myths ended up being clearly maybe not the game’s aim. Alternatively it perpetuated body terrorism against fat figures to get cheap laughs. Let’s proceed through each one of the top six many popular responses in order to better understand how they’re inaccurate and bad for guys of size.

1. “Fatty Got Money!”: Fat Men Are Only Valuable With Their Cash or Energy

The misconception: the reality that this misconception is one of popular regarding the six offered responses — 34 associated with 100 individuals initially surveyed provided this or a similarly-worded response — is troubling by itself. This misconception is one thing we come across throughout US tradition, whether it’s in films, politics, or popular culture.

The general assumption is that this fat man has to have money or some sort of power if a classically attractive person of any gender is with a fat man. Why else would somebody who could presumably get with anybody they desired decide to get with a disgusting fat guy, right?

This sort of idea is incredibly damaging for a lot of fat guys, putting each of their value as individuals in to the cash or energy they could or might not have.

More reads that are radical going from Healthism to Radical Self-Love: the person within the picture

The facts: While you will find, needless to say, many people whom just look for relationships for the money or power, the fact is that frequently, people will decide to get with a fat guy because they really wish to be with him. This misconception is a lot less frequently placed on thin or “fit” guys, unless of course that individual is famous to own cash or energy. Nonetheless it’s much easier for individuals to comprehend two thin or typically appealing individuals being together because they’re drawn to one another than when a skinny or usually appealing individual chooses become with a fat guy for any other less trivial reasons.

2. “She’s Fat/Digs Food”: Fat People Just Like Other Fat Individuals

The misconception: Using this misconception, we come across how individuals try to just take away fat people’s agency. It means that fat individuals will simply be in a position to have relationships along with other fat individuals, whether or not it’s since they just find other fat individuals attractive or that’s all they are able to “get”, within the many brutal of terms.

Slipped into this misconception is a relevant fatphobic misconception: that all fat everyone loves to consume a lot of meals, and all sorts of individuals who like to consume food are fat.

The facts: place plainly, the presumption that fat individuals will just look for relationships with other people that are fat false. Humans — fat, thin, as well as in between — could be and sometimes are drawn to a variety that is wide of of all size and shapes. To assume that people that are fat just ever be with fat individuals reaches ab muscles least ignorant, if you don’t entirely fatphobic and sizeist.

And also as when it comes to basic indisputable fact that fatness is inherently correlated with (over)eating — that is another myth too.

3. “She’ll Look Better”: Fat Guys Are Ugly

The misconception: All fat males, relating to this worldview, are inherently less attractive than any partner they are able to ever have. Such men’s lovers would just make use of them to seem more desirable in contrast. This misconception makes the assumption that, as stated above, no body could conceivably https://datingranking.net/smooch-review/ take a relationship with a fat guy because they’re actually interested in him. Fat individuals are just tools to make their (presumably non-fat) lovers feel more desirable.

The reality: in the same way some individuals might pursue a fat man for cash or energy, many people might just pursue fat males to look more appealing to other people. In fact, though, this appears to be less frequent than this solution might have us think.

I’ll keep saying the purpose, even though We appear to be a record that is broken lots of people really find fat guys attractive!

4. “She’s In Love”

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